Words and music by Lance Appleton

Freelancemusic All rights reserved


C                             E                                F                         C
Times haven’t changed much since You walked among us Lord
       F                                         G
As people we are basically the same
  C                                     E                    F                      C
Got the same fears and hangups as the ones we have before
              F                  D                              G
Two thousand years ago when You first came

                F                   G                     Em                Am
And as I take a look around me at the faces of my friends
                      F                        G                     Em                       Am
We’ve been breaking bread together just the way we did back then
  F                          G                      Em                              Am
Some of us would fight for You, some of us would even die
      F                                                                      G
But some of us will deny You after leaving here tonight

C                       E                      F                                 C
Time haven’t changed this old world keeps spinning around
    F                                             G
And each of us gets older every day
  C                             E                                F                          C
Sometimes we get discouraged we let our problems drag us down
          F             D                       G
When all we really need to do is pray
           F                              G              Em                 Am
And as I take a look around me at the faces of my friends
               F                                G               Em                  Am
There’s a hope for something better and a life the never ends
                F                        G                       Em                    Am
So please fill us with the Holy Ghost and keep us free from sin
                  F                                                                              G                 C
Because we need you just as  much tonight as they needed you way back then.