All That I CAll I Can Do Is Thank Him - A tribute to my fatheran Do Is Thank Him is a booklet passing on lessons learned from a godly father.  It was written in anecdotal form and it is my hope that anyone who takes the time to browse through this booklet will receive some insight into the treasures that come from godly parenting.

   –Crista Joy Garza

This book is being made available free in digital form.  To download please select a format below. If you would like to make a donation to the Spanish Home Missions Work in McKinney TX you can do so by following the link at the bottom of the page.

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In 2009 my Dad looked at my husband and said… “Why don’t you just start the Spanish Church right here in your home?”
So we did!!
In The 5 Years that followed My Dad would often greet My husband with The words, “Pastor Papi, How’s The Templo?”
“Papi”, Spanish For Daddy, Is what My children Call their Dad.
The Name of our Church Is Templo Pentecostal de Mckinney.
His constant prayers & encouragement for The “Templo” meant The world to us during Those first years. It was his desire to see it flourish. In his honor all procedes from what he taught us will be used to do just that… Meet The Needs Of The templo so it can Grow!