Words and music by Lance Appleton

Freelancemusic All rights reserved


Verse 1
            Bm                               G                                         D
Dad:  Once in a while when I pick up the phone and say hello
They think it sounds like you
           Bm                                               G                                      D
Son:  And I just had to smile the other day as you walked out the door
‘cause you were wearing my boots

             G                                       A
Dad:  I guess we’re growing up together
            G                                            Bm
Son:  Hey dad I think you got a head start
           G                              A
Dad: But it really doesn’t matter

Son: I know
            Bm                    E                              Asus4    A
Both:  Just as long as Jesus is living in our hearts

    D                           G                   D                     A
Brother to brother, father to son working side by side
  D                                G
Helping each other to labor in the kingdom
  D           A               G
Of our  Lord Jesus Christ

Chorus 2
            D                                 G
Son: You play piano and I’ll play the drums
              D                    A
Both:  In this gospel band
           D                           G                                        D
Dad:  You pick the lead guitar and I’ll strum some rhythm
Or I’ll just clap my hands  —> Chorus

Verse 2
Bm                             G                                D
Dad:  There’s a wide-eyed five year old boy in a photograph I have
Of the day I baptized you
           Bm                                                    G                                               D
Son: Dad you had some rough times after that but I was standing by that alter
The day you prayed back through
            G                          A
Dad:  God put us here together
            G                                              Bm
Son:  I guess he knew you needed my help
            G                                       A                        G                          A
Dad:  One thing the years have taught me is that I can’t make it by myself