Words and music by Lance Appleton

Freelancemusic All rights reserved



Am              G                     F          G

Can’t kill the preacher in a man of God

Am              G                 F      G

He will be heard somehow

Am                      G                   F                  G

You can shoot a reverend or a man of the cloth

               Am               G           F      G

But you can’t kill the preacher

Am                 G                  F                   G

Can’t kill the preacher in a man of God

Am          G                 F       G

The Holy Ghost won’t die

Am                  G                    F             G

There ain’t no way to terminate his job

            Am                G            F    G

No you can’t kill the preacher

Am                 F                   G           Am

Can’t kill the preacher in a man of God


Vs. 1


You can take away the pulpit and the church building too


Take everything that seems important to you


Take his credentials but you can’t touch the essentials

B7                                              E7

Write him off forever but you’ll never, never




Vs. 2


You can throw him to the lions you can lock him away


‘Cause you don’t want to hear what the preacher has to say


Even though you may not want to he will come back to haunt you

                  B7                                           E7

You can chop off his head he’ll still be talking when he’s dead