Is there anybody here? – Lance Appleton and the Lord’s Band (Live)

Dedicated to a dear friend Lance Appleton, a mighty warrior for Jesus who fought the good fight. He made it his life to worship Jesus, and this is a song he played with friends in the Lord, not intending this to be published, but the song is a great one deserving to be shared, glory be to the God on high!

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A few moments with Dad fall of 2014

Singing for Dad.

His Positive Attitude.

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NAYC Cortt Chavis – One God Apostolic

The story is that Dad originally wrote One God Apostolic on the way to a 1972 youth convention, because he had been given a 15 min time slot to speak and he wasn’t sure what he was going to say to fill all that time. Here are the same lyrics being sung 37 years later at the 2009 National Youth Convention … Guess it still works to fill in those small gaps 🙂

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Lance Appleton’s Testimony

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Lance Appleton sings “One God Apostolic” at Missouri Men’s Conference 9/13/2013

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