words and music by: Lance Appleton
(2 Peter 1:4)


         E                        Am

I’m a partaker of the divine nature

                E               Am 

The divine nature of the Almighty


You gave me Your DNA 


Covered me with Your blood that way

                         E                         Am    G 

You gave me Your DNA … Saved my soul

          Dm                 Am        G                       C     E7 

I’ve got water washing over me … calling on Your name

Am             Dm          G 

Deep inside I do believe Your love is causing this 


Faith is the catalyst

       Fmaj7                                  C

And I just want to follow You Jesus

         G                      Dm

To be more like You everyday

Fmaj7                                      C

I was born to worship You Jesus

           G                             Dm     Fmaj7     Gmaj7

It’s my desire thanks to Your DNA   Hey Hey  Hey Hey  

Am      do do do …  

C         do do do …  

G         do do do …  

Am      do do do …  

Part of  “In the living room with Lance” home recording compilation recorded 2008 -2009