I Have Everything
by Lance Appleton

Get away from my windows
don’t try the backdoor
your dead
as far as I’m concerned
don’t bother me no more
the times we had together you say
you’d like to have more still
but those days are gone forever
the memories have been killed
I got someone who loves me
He broke my chains when I took His name
you left me with nothing
but now I have everything

He sweetens up my sorrows
with hope for tomorrow
keys He carries open all locks
and heaven listens when His spirit talks
such a long list of mysteries
come to light with the eyes He sees with
everything is righteous
He’s the one I’ll always be with
cause I have everything

I’m asking him to empty me of me
and to fill me with himself instead
I desire
the liberty of living
resurrected from the dead

He took my chains
And I took His Name
Yesterday today forever
He’s just the same

I have everything …