“Run On”

Words and Music by Lance Appleton
freelancemusic all rights reserved


  G                                           G7
King Jesus is all,   my all in all
                       C7                             G
I know He’ll answer, me when I call
                          G                           Em       C
Walkin’ by my side, and I’m satisfied
                      G     D7           G
King Jesus is all, my all in all

    G                                  F F F#
I went out to seek my Lord
           G                                             F F F#
I was determined to obey His Word
      G                                     F  F  F#
I prayed that earnest prayer
               G                                    F F F#
And the Holy Ghost met me there
He put my feet on the rock and the rock was sound
The love of God came streaming down
The reason I know that He saved my soul
     G                                                  D7
I dug down deep and I found pure gold