This is an early recording from my dads  Gateway College days 1969 or 1970.   I can picture him in one of those great marble stairways making this recording (one of my favorite spots to sit and play when I was there).  This is a great snapshot of his early music and the type of songwriting that influenced him.
Special thanks to Jeff Miller for taking a box of my dads old cassette tapes and and preserving these gems!

Leaving it all in His hands

words and music by: Lance Appleton

I met a stranger in the park today

he was carving crosses on the trees

I must have watched him for an hour or so

working up the nerve to speak

he told me how he had been born again

baptized in San Francisco bay

I asked him was is done in Jesus name

or was his pastor trinity

we let a jet pass then he answered

with a sheepish kind of grin

well I was really in a hurry he said 

it was just me and a friend

and I know that Jesus will understand 

I feel safe just leaving it all in his hands

something made me get my Bible out

Acts chapter 2 verse 38

we read it aloud underneath the streetlamp

cause the hour was getting late

and I know that Jesus will understand

can’t go wrong just leaving it all in His hands