Words and music by Lance Appleton

Freelancemusic All rights reserved


Vs. 1

C                                       Am

He had to wait for eighty years

F                                                 D

He spent some lonely nights in tears

C                                                            Am

Waiting while the planets crossed the stars

F                                                    Dm

Leading simple sheep, he lived a desert life and prayed

             F                                            G           E7

To the God of Venus, Mercury, and Mars


To the God of Abraham


Vs. 2

C                                                        Am

Sometimes his thoughts ran back to when

F                                          D

He’d lived a lustful life of sin

C                                     Am

He killed a man in first degree

F                                  D

Trying to be right he suddenly was wrong

F                                                        G      E7

He left the place that he called home and had to flee


To the God of Abraham



                         F                       E7             Am

But it was the making of the ministry of Moses

                               F                      E7            Am

And it will be the making of the ministry in me

                 F                 E7                        Am      D

It’s the Holy Ghost of God His name is Jesus

F                    G                     C

He’s a Holy Spirit and He sets His people free


Vs. 3

C                                          Am

Some lessons are so hard to learn

F                                             D

Some bridges never seem to burn

C                                                 Am

Some learning only comes with time

F                                 D

O God of Israel, help me to serve You well

F                                                   G        E7

Help me to scale that mountain Moses had to climb


To the God of Abraham