This is one of my all time top 10 favorite songs written by my Dad.  Hearing it now gives me a sense of wonder to think that he is now truly making “Music For My Lord”

Music For my Lord

words and music by: Lance Appleton

                    G                                              C

When the moon and stars fall from the sky

                  G                                C

when the sun turns dark and cold

             Em          D                  C2

Ill will just be opening up my eyes 

        G       F       C

In a city of pure gold

                   G                                           C

When the final end of time and space

G                    C

eternally unfolds

             Em     D         C

I’ll be gazing on my Savior’s face 

           G         F       C                                          G       

in the refuge of my soul … in the refuge of the soul

  D                        Em           F               C                  G

Jesus said he was going away    to prepare us a place

   D                             Em            F

I know you might think I’m a fool

              C                   D                           C     G 

but I believe it anyway … I believe it anyway

                   G                            C

And when all my songs run out of words

                   G                                    C

when my hands can’t feel these chords

               Em            D               C2

I’ll be somewhere in some universe

                           G       F         C

I’ll be making music for my Lord


Music for my Lord