When “I'm A One God Apostolic” was first recorded in 1975 it had three verses. This digital version, done at WLD studios nearly twenty years later, has an additional verse and ten new songs to go with it. Psalms 32:5 says I am surrounded with “songs of deliverance”. With the help of the whole family and the church choir as well, Lance Appleton projects several accounts of intense personal deliverance into a wide variety of musical styles.

1. Songs Of Deliverance
2. It's Miracle Time
3. This Heart Of Love
4. By Faith In His Name
5. Healed
6. I Do It For The Joy
7. While A Choir Was Singing
8. Sing Sing Sing Sing Sing
9. In Jesus Name
10. Give Me My Crown
11. I'm Still A One God Apostolic