“Run On” Freelance Music 1981

Words and Music by: Lance Appleton
freelancemusic all rights reserved



G                              D                   F                   C

Remember your creator in the days of your youth

G               D                 F     C

Serve him now don’t wait till later on

G                          D             F                       C

Remember the one who gave his life for you

G                         D                        F       C

Give him your youth before it’s gone

Am                       D                        F       G

Give him your youth before it’s gone



G                             D

Brother you’re a good man

F                             C

With your best years yet to spend

G                  D                         F     C

Sister your love is pure and true

G                        D                F                 C

Don’t throw it away don’t waist it all in sin

G                              D                                 F    C

That would be the worst thing you could do

Am                           D                                 F    G

That would be the worst thing you could do



Em                   C

Youth is restless hard to hold

Em                  A

Youth does not like to be told

C                     Em

But wasted youth will steal away

A                            D

Leaving a debt old age must pay

Em                    C

Youth is fragile youth is strong

Em                         A

And growing up can seem so long

C                             Em

But wasted years they take their toll

A                         D

On the body and on the soul