Words and music by Lance Appleton

Freelancemusic All rights reserved



Am        C                G

I will never never never forget you

Am        C                G

I will never never never forsake you

Am        C                      G                          F

I will never never never never make you ashamed

Am        C                G

I will never never never confuse you

Am        C                G

I will never never never abuse you

Am        C                       G                     F

I will never never never never turn you away



Am    C            G

Say never   “Never”

Am             C         E

And let it sink in deep

Am    C          G

Say never  “Never”

Am     C                  E

It’s a truth you can keep

Am     C          G

Say never  “Never”

Am           C              E

An let it soothe your soul

Am            C        G                      Fmaj7

And say never say I never told you so


Vs. 2

Am        C                G

I will never never never mislead you

Am        C                G

I will never never never deceive you

Am        C                       G                       F

I will never never never never leave you alone

Am        C                G

I will never never never abort you

Am        C                G

I will never never never divorce you

Am        C                       G                      F

I will never never never never force you to go