Words and music by Lance Appleton

Freelancemusic All rights reserved


Vs. 1

Dmaj7                    Amaj7

Multiply a single living soul

Bm7   F#m7                       Dmaj7    Amaj7

Times the stars in heaven times the grains of sand

Bm7                   E7sus4

Then we just begin to understand

Dmaj7           Amaj7

Multiply the molecules of earth

Bm7                     F#m7

Times every galaxy in the universe

Dmaj7                     Amaj7      Bm7            E7sus4

This could be how much each one of us is worth … in



Dmaj7     Amaj7        Bm7                E7sus4

Eternity … where the totals and the score

Dmaj7  Amaj7                        Bm7    E7sus4   Dmaj7

Will be higher than we could have imagined before


Vs. 2

Dmaj7               Amaj7

Multiply an hour spent in prayer

Bm7   F#m7             Dmaj7    Amaj7

Times each tiny heartbeat times each breath or air

Bm7                        E7sus4

Times the times somebody really cared

Dma    Amaj7                   Bm7                 Fm7

Multiply the mercy times each gentle touch of tender love

Dmaj7          Amaj7      Bm7            E7sus4

Exponential powers making something of





Cmaj7                                                    Dmaj7

For God so loved the world he gave His only begotten son

Cmaj7                                                Dmaj7

The blood He shed was not to save this planet from destruction

Emaj7                              F#m7

It was for the billions dead the billions yet unborn

Dmaj7                 Amaj7           Bm7       E7sus4

Each one individually worth giving it all for … In  (Chorus)